The ICMSA wastewater department produces exceptional grade compost from the biosolids produced at our 14 wastewater plants throughout the county. The compost is tested annually at Penn State for an array of compounds as well as graded for quality. The compost is available to the public at the Creekside Wastewater Plant as well as literature citing the recommended uses and annual lab results.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a compost pickup, please call 724-349-6640 and ask for Scot Bash or Tricia Lefko.

2024 Sewage Rates

Our current flat rate for sewage is $62.50 per month.

  • Late Fee/Penalty charge of 1.5% is applied on the first business day following your due date.
  • Returned check or ACH Fee $40.00
  • Sewage Tap Fee: Call the office for a tap estimate
  • Sewage Tap in Fee $1,700

Sewage Map

ICMSA Wastewater Plant Locations