Sewage Service Line Specs

Residential Sewer Line Connection Instructions & Specs

  1. No work shall be performed on the lateral connection without first paying tap-in fee and obtaining the connection permit.
  2. Under no circumstance shall the end cap on the tap be removed without written approval by the inspector. The contractor/installer will be charged a camera and or sewer line cleaning bill!
  3. No part of the lateral can be covered and no connections can be made at the house or the tap without written permission by the Authority’s inspector.
  4. A separate building drain and lateral will be required for each building whether constructed as a detached unit or as a pair or row. A single building drain, and or lateral, may be permitted to serve a school, factory, other permanent multiple dwelling unit or multiple use unit structure whose individual units may not be subject to separate ownership, at the discretion of the Authority, and subject to tap-in-fees based on the definition of equivalent dwelling units.
  5. Subsurface drains using terra cotta or other open jointed pipe can not be connected to the sewer lateral.
  6. No floor drains, down spouts, french drains, or other ground water collection pipes can be connected to the sewer lateral.
  7. The minimum size for gravity lateralls shall be (4) inch diameter pipe laid on a minimum grade of (1/4) inch per foot of length and having permanently sealed water tight and gas tight joints. The Authority shall consider the size of the lateral serving other than detached residential units by gravity on an individual basis.
  8. All laterals shall be type PSM SDR 35 PVC pipe conforming to ASTM D3034 or equal. Pipe and fittings shall have bell and spigot type elastomeric gasketed joints. Gaskets shall meet the requirements of ASTM F477.
  9. Unless the sewer tap elevation or building drain prohibits, standard trench depth shall be a minimum of 3 feet deep.
  10. All sewer laterals shall be required to have a clean out/vent pipe and sanitary trap no more than 6 feet from the building drain connection. The clean out/vent shall extend 18 inches above grade and shall be equipped with a removable vent cap. All clean out/vent pipes shall have an 8-inch collar extended above grade for protection.
  11. All sewer laterals shall be bedded in 6 inches of gravel and be covered with a minimum of 6 inches of gravel after approval has been by the inspector.
  12. Clean outs shall be provided every 100 feet in length and where bends are necessary. No bend shall exceed 45 degrees. The riser pipe on cleanouts shall be provided with a screw type ferrule. The riser pipe shall extend to within 6 inches of the surface or risers extend to the surface must be protected with an 8 inch collar.
  13. All hotels, restaurants, boarding houses (with flows greater than 2 EDU’s) and public eating places shall install grease traps on the building drain. The grease trap shall be of a type and size approved by the Authority. All service stations, garages, car washes, factory buildings or commercial establishments handling oils, petroleum products, washing vehicles, or machines, shall install these traps and sand traps of a size and type approved by the Authority. All costs for the installation and maintenance of grease traps and sand traps shall be borne by the owner.
  14. After approval has been given by the inspector, the contractor/installer shall make the connection at the trap with the inspector present. Connections to the trap shall be made with an adapter, coupling, reducer fitting or combination thereof. The contractor/installer must provide all ditch pumps or whatever is necessary to assure no water, mud, dirt, or rock is allowed to enter the tap or lateral. Lateral cap or plug must be saw cut with the inspector present at time of cutting. Cap or plug will not be pulled off the tap line.
  15. All installations must be left open for a final inspection. Notice for a final inspection must be made at the Authority’s office at 602 Kolter Drive, Indiana, PA, or by phone at 724-349-6640 at least 24 hours before inspection is made. Said notice shall be made during normal office hours 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday except holidays.
  16. At the time of the inspection of the connection, the property owner shall permit the inspector full and complete access to all sanitary and drainage arrangements and facilities in each building and in and about all parts of the property. No connection shall be covered or in any manner concealed until after it is inspected and written approval is given by the Authority’s inspector.
  17. All excavations shall be guarded with barricades to protect the public from hazard.
  18. After written approval, 6 inches of gravel shall be placed over the pipe then suitable fill, free of rock material and excessive water content, shall be used in backfilling the trench. 100% gravel backfill will be required in driveways and any roadways.
  19. If interior plumbing or lateral is not complete at the time of scheduled inspection, the installer will be billed for additional inspections and payment is due in the form of a check made payable to I.C.M.S.A. at the time of the final inspection.
  20. Additional specifications are listed in the I.C.M.S.A. Sewage Rules and Regulations, which is available in the Authority’s office at 602 Kolter Drive, Indiana, PA.

To schedule an inspection:

Call 724-349-6640, Monday thru Friday,
8 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Scheduling inspections must be made 24 hours in advance.

Note: I.C.M.S.A. reserves the right to assess an inspection fee due to any work not completed at the time of any scheduled inspection. A $50.00 fee will be assessed for each additional inspection. Check is due at the time of final inspection.