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April 23, 1973 – The Indiana County Commissioners incorporated ICMSA under the PA Municipal Authority’s Act.  Shortly thereafter, Robert Kunkle was named temporary Chairman.  In June, 1973, a resolution was made to purchase the Kovalchick Water Company serving 11 coal mining communities in the central part of the county.

1974 – ICMSA raised water rates from $2 per month to $8 a month and had an operating budget of $100,000, which compares to a total operating budget of over 8 million dollars in 2023.  An Executive Director, Michael Duffalo, was hired and an application was made for 3.5 million dollars with the FmH to renovate Water System I.  From 1976 to 1978 ICMSA was busy building new water systems.

1978 – ICMSA begins a sewage department and public sewage was provided for Robindale, Aultman, and Iselin.  In keeping with its mission, ICMSA becomes the administrator for the newly created Indiana County Sewage Enforcement Agency which administers the septic program as well as municipal planning.  ICMSA expands and currently owns and operates 14 Sewer Systems.

1982 – ICMSA takes on Water Renovation II with the Rossiter, Pine Township, Arcadia, and Creekside water projects.  Gibson-Thomas Engineering is retained to assist ICMSA with all of its new projects.  ICMSA now owns and operates 8 public water systems, including the Crooked Creek plant which was finished in 2005.  ICMSA currently provides service to 5,700 water customers serving 15,000 people, and 3700 sewer customers serving 9,600 people.

2023 – ICMSA celebrates 50 years of service as a county wide regional system throughout Indiana County and portions of Armstrong, Cambria, and Clearfield counties.  ICMSA is dedicated to excellence in providing safe, reliable, water service to our customers as well as returning clean water to the environment.  ICMSA strives to provide customer service through sustainable and innovative regional practices, community partnerships, and environmental stewardship. Throughout its 50-year history, ICMSA has developed millions of dollars of infrastructure in Indiana and surrounding counties.  ICMSA, through its funding partners, will have invested more than $163,000,000 in these areas.

ICMSA Board of Directors

Chairman – Maher Shawer
Vice Chairman – Frank Holuta
Treasurer – Patricia Evanko
Assistant Secretary/Assistant Treasurer – Susan McLoughlin
Board Member – Scott Elgin
Board Member – Anthony Mano
Board Member – Marcia Rowe
Board Member – Carol Paynter

Service Professionals

Solicitor: Mike Supinka, Supinka & Supinka PC
Engineer: Gibson-Thomas Engineering

More Info

Individuals wishing to address the Board of Directors may do so in writing or at any regularly scheduled meeting. If you wish to address the board in person, please contact the ICMSA office during business hours no less than one day prior to the meeting date to be placed on the agenda