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ICMSA is implementing a new software system.  You may notice format changes on your bill.  Also as a part of this upgrade, we will begin using a new third party credit/debit card and e-check provider, Bank Card Associates.  The fee for using this new service will be a flat 2.45%.  Customer portals are coming soon, which will allow you to view your account information such as balance, payment history, usage history, etc.  As always, Auto Draft from a checking or savings account is available free of charge.  View our website for all the latest news.

Online Bill Pay Customers -

If you pay through our website (Municipay), your payment will post to your ICMSA account the next business day.  If you pay through any other online bill payment service, such as your own bank, please allow plenty of time for us to receive your payment.  Online bill payment services, such as your bank, cut and mail us a paper check.  The transfer of funds is not automatic, and in some instances may take 7-10 days or longer depending on bank processing time and the postal service.  In most instances, paper checks are entered and posted to our system the same day that they are received here at the office.  Please take this into consideration if you are paying through any other online bill pay service other than ICMSA's.


2018 Water Rates

Our current flat rate for water is $26.00 per month.
The flat rate does not include any minimum usage.  
The current charge for usage is $10.50 per thousand gallons used.
  • Average household usage is 1.5 to 2.0 thousand gallons per month per person.
  • Late Fee/Penalty Charge of 1.5% is applied on the first business day following your due date.
  • Turn On Fee             $25.00
  • Turn Off Fee             $25.00
  • Service Fees:  Prescheduled Service Call - $25.00
    (during regular business hours Monday through Friday)
    “Same Day” Service Call  - $50.00
    (during regular business hours Monday through Friday)
    Emergency Service Call  - $100.00
    (After regular business hours – evenings, weekends,
    Service Termination Fee - $50.00
    Broken Bottom Plate Replacement - $50.00

     Water Tap Fee:

     Water Tap in Fee               $1,200
     Road Bore Fee                  $    500
     Meter Pit                           $    800

  • Water meters are located either inside or in a frost free meter pit.
  • Radio read monitor located outside.
  • Meters are read monthly.


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