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RossiterPublic Notice
3rd Quarter 2023


Arcadia Public Notice
2nd Quarter 2023


All 67 counties in Pennsylvania are under drought watch. 
ICMSA is asking all customers to implement voluntary restrictions on non-essential water use, i.e., car washing, watering gardens and swimming pools.  ICMSA is seeking a 5% reduction of water through voluntary conservation measures.


Arcadia Public Notice

Rossiter Public Notice


Arcadia Public Notice

Rossiter Public Notice



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Online Bill Pay Customers -

If you pay through our website portal, your payment will post to your ICMSA account the next business day.  If you pay through any other online bill payment service, such as your own bank, please allow plenty of time for us to receive your payment.  Online bill payment services, such as your bank, cut and mail us a paper check.  The transfer of funds is not automatic, and in some instances may take 7-10 days or longer depending on bank processing time and the postal service.  In most instances, paper checks are entered and posted to our system the same day that they are received here at the office.  Please take this into consideration if you are paying through any other online bill pay service other than ICMSA's.


ICMSA operators and office staff provide a vital service to the people and businesses in our communities of Indiana County.  Intimidation by either verbally or physically threatening an ICMSA employee will not be tolerated.  There is no excuse for any ICMSA employee to be threatened while carrying out their official duties.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ANY SUCH THREATS WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REPORTED TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AND WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.



About Us

  •  April 23, 1973, the Indiana County Commissioners incorporated ICMSA under the Pa. Municipal Authority's Act. Shortly thereafter Robert Kunkle was named temporary Chairman. In June, 1973 a resolution was made to purchase the Kolvalchick Water Company serving 11 coal mining communities in the central part of the County.
  • 1974, ICMSA raised water rates from $2. a month to $8 a month and had an operating budget of $100,000 which compares to a total operating budget of 6 million dollars in 2013. An Excutive Director, Michael Duffalo was hired and an application was made for 3.5 million dollars with the FmH to renovate Water Systems I. From 1976 to 1978 ICMSA was busy building new water systems.
  • 1978, ICMSA begins a sewage department and new sewers were provided for Robindale, Aultman, and Iselin. In keeping with it's mission, ICMSA becomes the administrator for the newly created Indiana County Sewage Enforcement Agency which administers the septic program as well as municipal planning. ICMSA expands and currently owns and operates 15 Sewer Systems.
  • 1982, ICMSA takes on the Water Renovation II with the Rossiter, Pine Twp, Arcadia, and Creekside water projects. Gibson-Thomas Engineering is retained to assist ICMSA with all of it's new projects. We now own and operate 9 Public water systems including the Crooked Creek Plant which was finished in 2005. We currently have 4600 water customers serving 12,000 people and 3600 sewer customers serving 9,500 people.
  • 2007 thru 2012. ICMSA successfully applies for, receives and renovates 54 million dollars worth of water and sewer projects. Through it's 40 year history, ICMSA has developed 129.5 million dollars of infra-structure. With the 3 million dollars that will be required for the corrective action plan for the water systems in 2013, ICMSA through it's funding partners, will have invested $132,500,000 in Indiana County.

If you are struggling to pay your water and/or sewer bill, you may be able to receive assistance from one of the following programs.  Please visit their site for more information.

         SwiftReach Networks, Inc.

On July 5, 2019, Robert (Bob) Allenbaugh retired from his position as ICMSA Wastewater Superintendent.  We would sincerely like to thank Bob for his outstanding service, dedication, and commitment to ICMSA for the past 43 years.  The ICMSA staff would like to wish him all the best upon his retirement.

On January 16, 2019, Michael (Mike) Duffalo retired from his position as Executive Director.  We would sincerely like to thank Mike for his outstanding service, dedication, and commitment to ICMSA for the past 46 years.  The ICMSA staff would like to wish him all the best upon his retirement.  We would also like to congratulate Mike on being honored by the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association as the 2018 Authority Employee of the Year.  Congratulations!

In Memoriam Of
Thomas M. Cavalier