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ICMSA operators and office staff provide a vital service to the people and businesses in our communities of Indiana County.  Intimidation by either verbally or physically threatening an ICMSA employee will not be tolerated.  There is no excuse for any ICMSA employee to be threatened while carrying out their official duties.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ANY SUCH THREATS WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REPORTED TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AND WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.

ICMSA is offering several new options for our customers.  We now offer the ACH Payment Option (automatic deduction), online bill pay, and e-billing.  We also offer an online customer portal through which you can pay your bill, and view usage and payment history.  Click on the following link to view the options electronically.

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Online Bill Pay Customers -

If you pay through our website portal, your payment will post to your ICMSA account the next business day.  If you pay through any other online bill payment service, such as your own bank, please allow plenty of time for us to receive your payment.  Online bill payment services, such as your bank, cut and mail us a paper check.  The transfer of funds is not automatic, and in some instances may take 7-10 days or longer depending on bank processing time and the postal service.  In most instances, paper checks are entered and posted to our system the same day that they are received here at the office.  Please take this into consideration if you are paying through any other online bill pay service other than ICMSA's.


The declaration of a National Emergency regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapidly changing environment in which we live and work have produced a lot of uncertainty.  ICMSA is prioritizing the health and well-being of our customers, their communities, and our employees above all else.

We encourage you to visit Governor Tom Wolf's website or the Pennsylvania's Department of Health or call 1-877-PA-HEALTH (1-877-724-3258) for complete and accurate information. 

Water Treatment Practices Effective Against COVID-19
The World Health Organization states that current water treatment practices are effective against COVID-19. For additional information, 
click here.

Water Renovation 20 – Marion Center Update

The Indiana County Municipal Services Authority, ICMSA, has applied for and received $10,775,000 in PennVest funding for this project.

The Water Renovation 20 Project will construct a water pipeline system from the Plumville Water Treatment Plant and Crooked Creek Water Treatment Plant to member communities of Rayne Township and Marion Center Borough.  “We are very thankful for the allocation of 10.7 million dollars from the PennVest Authority for this water project”, remarked Authority Chairman Dr. Maher Shawer.  “These dollars will be put to beneficial use immediately.  We are also very grateful to the many individuals who have recognized the need and advocated for this project, which was first addressed in a feasibility study in 2014.”

Included in the WR 20 project is a waterline extension to the Spirit Life Drug Rehabilitation Center in Cherry Hill Township.  In addition to the approximately 18 miles of water line, major plant upgrades to both the Plumville and Crooked Creek Water Treatment Plants will also be part of the project.

The Authority began work on the estimated 10.7 million dollar project in 2018.  ICMSA laid the groundwork with engineering design, permitting, and securing of right of ways so that they are prepared to move forward with construction   The critical infrastructure of this project needed to be funded so that those portions of the areas can depend on a reliable water supply.

ICMSA is a community regional water supplier for Indiana County.  ICMSA’s regional system helps support their individual water and sewer systems within Indiana County through cost sharing.

This community water infrastructure project represents a shared vision that ICMSA has had for 47 years, which is to deliver affordable, clean water to our communities of Indiana County.  ICMSA thanks Senator Joe Pittman, local area township and borough representatives, and citizens for their efforts to help make this project happen.

The WR 20 project is one of 20 rural water projects that have received 152 million dollars in both RUS and PennVest funding.  This project is anticipated to begin construction by July/August of 2020 with a completion date in late fall/winter of 2021.  New customers will become part of the ICMSA regional system to support the almost 50 million dollars in loans throughout the ICMSA community regional system.

Residential and Commercial properties covered under either the Marion Center Borough or Rayne Township mandatory ordinances will not be charged a tap in fee but will be required to pay a monthly fee.

Report Illegal Fire Hydrant Use

The use of fire hydrants by anyone other than ICMSA employees or your local fire department is a misdemeanor of the third degree, subject to fines and punishable by up to a year in jail.  Besides the costs to replace the water, which are passed onto the customers, broken hydrant fixtures may prevent fire personnel from saving your property during a fire emergency.  Please report any suspicious use of fire hydrants to ICMSA immediately.  Please call 724-349-6640 to report use during business hours or after hours, or email



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If you have an emergency to report, please call 724-349-6640.

 Fax: 724-349-5044

Office Hours:  Monday through Friday

     8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. – Lobby closes at 3:45 p.m.


ICMSA Chairman – Maher Shawer
Executive Director – Martin Maschak


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On July 5, 2019, Robert (Bob) Allenbaugh retired from his position as ICMSA Wastewater Superintendent.  We would sincerely like to thank Bob for his outstanding service, dedication, and commitment to ICMSA for the past 43 years.  The ICMSA staff would like to wish him all the best upon his retirement.

On January 16, 2019, Michael (Mike) Duffalo retired from his position as Executive Director.  We would sincerely like to thank Mike for his outstanding service, dedication, and commitment to ICMSA for the past 46 years.  The ICMSA staff would like to wish him all the best upon his retirement.  We would also like to congratulate Mike on being honored by the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association as the 2018 Authority Employee of the Year.  Congratulations!

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